Located in the bustling area of Nguyen Huy Tho, 58 double fronted villas pop out with a modern and breezy Mediterranean design, an artistic rendition of living and commercialized housing, unique and exclusive to the South of Sai Gon.

Reinforced concrete walling built to isolate noisy surroundings from your sweet home, withstanding any negative impacts. There is an interconnected basement floor to each villa’s car garage – providing extra security and additional pathway. Each villa garage can be customized into either private quarter, mini workshop, an enthusiast car collection or an entertainment room for your entire family.

Surrounding View
Unique Mediterranean architecture

5 Unique points


  • Private basement
  • 300 meter walking lane
  • Communal square
  • Pergola (perennial garden)
  • Shopping mall
  • Scenic viewpoint
  • Basement ramp
  • Security station 24/7